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Timmy Curran, Nordic from INNERSECTION on Vimeo.



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Had a great day today: felt productive in the morning so got some studying done. After, I went to the beach to catch the incoming tide, the waves started off shitty, but got better and better and turned into my best session of the year (at home, that is) so far. Home to a quick meal, coffee, and a chat with the Dear Girlfriend. So now I’m just enjoying the slight sunburn on my face (hi wetsuit-tan!) and checkin this little clip on repeat as dessert to a great day!

Pohnpei Holidei from Tom Jennings on Vimeo.

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\\The Sound of Change:: Episode II// from Rhythm Livin on Vimeo.

Surf time!

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It’s back! My surfing motivation is back! YAY!

Truth is, it was never really gone. I still want to surf all day every day. I’ve just become a little pickier in my wave choice. After our last trip to Indonesia, I just couldn’t really be bothered at home anymore. Knee high waves, ice cold water, and feeling as flexible as a cripple in a thick layer of rubber just don’t do it for me. Add the fact that I’m car-less, meaning having to change at the bus stop when it’s 3 degrees… thanks, but no thanks.

Last Friday, however, I was pleasantly surprised. The weather was nice, the waves were pretty good, and I wasn’t even cold in the water. Result: My best surf in Holland for the year. ┬áSo today it’s time for session number two of this weekend. Come 5 o’clock I’ll get on the Moped Of Fury again, in search for the best (read: least windblown) waves I can find. STOKED!

p.s. to get stoked:

Super Sessions: Lower Trestles from Surfline on Vimeo.


Nice edit & cool song to finish the weekend

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Russel Winter and Thiago Tipas ripping in Costa Rica from Tim Davies on Vimeo.

Balance of opposites

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Just 10 minutes after I posted the Indo vid, someone uploaded this on facebook. Totally different climate, still nice waves. Sofie and I are planning to visit the place this summer, hopefully with the same waves and less snow…

NIXON SURF CHALLENGE 2011 in association with VANS from Nixon Europe on Vimeo.

More INDO goodness…

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This time from Jamie O’Brien’s latest movie, “Who Is J.O.B.”. Some very-decent sized waves and crazy surfing provide me with an excuse to take a break from studying for 10 minutes…

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