Destination: Norway

May 12, 2011 § Leave a comment


So it’s finally sorted. We’ll be working in Stavanger, Norway this summer to make lots travel money, do some amazing trail running, surf some good waves while we’re at it, and I should be fluent in Swedish (and half-decent in Norwegian) by October. Bring on the good times – and double the money I would’ve made at home. YEAH!


Nice edit & cool song to finish the weekend

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Russel Winter and Thiago Tipas ripping in Costa Rica from Tim Davies on Vimeo.

Balance of opposites

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Just 10 minutes after I posted the Indo vid, someone uploaded this on facebook. Totally different climate, still nice waves. Sofie and I are planning to visit the place this summer, hopefully with the same waves and less snow…

NIXON SURF CHALLENGE 2011 in association with VANS from Nixon Europe on Vimeo.

More INDO goodness…

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This time from Jamie O’Brien’s latest movie, “Who Is J.O.B.”. Some very-decent sized waves and crazy surfing provide me with an excuse to take a break from studying for 10 minutes…

Seven Ghosts

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Trailer for upcoming video by RipCurl. Perfectly shaped waves, somewhere on a river in Indo.

Spring’s here!

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The third official day of spring, proving that all you need for a fun afternoon is sunshine, a hill and a skateboard.

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My new favorite surfmovie, Innersection , is a collection of sections made by individual surfers, voted into the movie by users of the website. The result: creative filming, nice editing, sick surfing. Matt Meola recently won US$100,000 for best section, but I reckon Craig Anderson’s is better. Check ’em out.

Craig Anderson Innersection Full Part from 360 To Nowhere on Vimeo.

Matt Meola – $100,000 Innersection edit from ACL Digital Cinema on Vimeo.